Anritsu MD8430A

Signalling Tester (Base Station Simulator)

  • Supports LTE-Advanced Pro testing with 6CCs Carrier Aggregation (CA) and less  UPDATED
    • Supports Dual Connectivity test
    • Supports Licensed-Assisted Access (LAA) test
  • Supports LTE-Advanced FDD/TDD Release 12
  • Supports up to DL 6CCs and UL 3CCs for Carrier Aggregation (CA)  UPDATED
  • One MD8430A supports CA handover, 4×4 MIMO and 8×4 MIMO, etc
  • Supports full-digital fading test
  • Supports DL 2 Gbps, UL 300 Mbps throughput test  UPDATED
  • Inter-RAT tests making effective use of previous MD8480C (UTRAN/GERAN), and MD8475A (CDMA2000) hardware investments
  • Optimized investment from first R&D to protocol conformance testing
  • Full development and analysis toolset cuts L1, L2 and L3 scenario development time and costs
  • Supports LTE Cat-M/NB-IoT