Broadcast Testers

NRA : NARDA Remote Spectrum Analyzer

  • Simultaneous multi -channel power analysis.
  • Rapid scanning.
  • Fan less design for continuous silent operation
  • Easy integration into OSS and C&M systems
  • Integrated LNB converter.
  • Optimized for use in SNG vehicles, transports, V-SAT stations, broadcasting stations, military applications and mobile communications.
  • Integrates with automatic test equipments
  • In 19” 1U format.

CX 380: VePAL Advanced CATV Analyzer

  • Next generation test solution designed for analog and digital cable TV networks with enhanced spectrum, digital channel, forward and return path sweep, and MPEG analysis.
  • Comprehensive SLM features including single channel measurement, system scan, tilt, and installation check.
  • Spectrum analysis to capture impulse noise and interference.
  • Measurement of forward and return path QAM digital signals including deep interleaved modulation, MER, Pre/Post BER, Constellation diagram, Histogram, and equalizer on/off mode.
CX 380
  • Advanced Digital signal measurements* – HUM, EVM, Phase Jitter, Symbol Rate Error, Frequency and Frequency Response Error, Group Delay.
  • Upstream Generator (USG)* – CW, QPSK and QAM-16/64/128/256 modulations.
  • Video and audio power level measurements.
  • NPEG Analysis.

CX100+ / CX110+ / CX120+ / CX150+ / CX180+: VePAL CATV Analyzers

  • Handheld field meters designed for analog and digital CATV networks supporting VoIP and Internet Services.
  • Comprehensive SLM features including single channel measurement, system scan, tilt, and installation check.
  • Measure video and power level of NTSC, PAL and SECAM (Annex A) analog video signals.
  • Carrier-to-Noise (C/N); Adjacent Channel measurement ratio.
  • MER and Pre/Post BER measurements of QAM carriers with Constellation diagram.
  • Measurement of QAM 64/256 digital signals including deep interleaved modulation.
CX 100+
  • Forward and Reverse path ingress scan indicates the presence of noise and/or CSO/CTB interference.
  • Supports advanced IP testing; Ping, trace route, ARP Wiz, VoIP, IPTV, WiFi, Web browser, and FTP upload/download via Ethernet or USB port where applicable.

OTDR: VePal FX 300

  • Single, Dual, and Triple Wavelength options – 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm & 1625nm.
  • Dynamic range up to 37dB Event dead ,zone < 1m, Attenuation dead zone < 5m.
  • Real-time (Live) and Average OTDR test modes.
  • Bellcore GR196 SOR compatible file format.
  • Auto OTDR test mode – determines fiber length, adjusts sampling parameters, acquires trace and analyzes fiber events automatically.
  • Visual Fault Locator (VFL) with CW and 1Hz modes.
FX 300

MX100e+ / MX120e+: Handheld Ethernet Tester

  • Ethernet tester for Metro Ethernet and EOSDH testing.
  • Handheld metro and carrier Ethernet tester. Single or Dual port configurations for 10/100/1000 Base-T and 100/1000 Base-X.
  • Large Touch screen based colour graphical LCD display with intuitive menu for very user friendly operational interface. Can also be operated by keypad.
  • Layer 1 framed as well as unframed testing. Important for testing capability of dark fiber (Such as CWDM, DWDM) to handle Ethernet bandwidth.
  • Layer 2, Layer 3 & Layer 4 BERT and RFC2544 testing.
  • Supports asymmetrical RFC2544 testing for validation of services like 3G, DSL etc.
  • Supports Omni-Q with 3 VLAN and MPLS tags.
  • Tests VoIP i.e. SIP calls generation with measuring voice quality etc.
  • In-built web browser to check throughput of HTTP/FTP services.
  • Tests VoIP i.e. measuring the jitter, packet loss, video quality as well as channel zap time.