LTE Testers

SIGMA-ML Radio Measurement Tool for Smart Phones

  • Runs on smart-phones to monitor and troubleshoot mobile networks.
  • Collects data on handy smart phones, no need to carry laptops etc.
  • Automatically downloads data via FTP and HTTP, measuring throughput, RSSI and other network parameters.
  • Collects Layer 1, 2 and 3 data on phone, providing real-time results on screen.
  • Performs several kinds of tests like FTP DL/UL, HTTP DL, Voice Call Origination and Termination, SMS Test etc.,
  • Indoor data collection is also possible.
  • Collects Wi-Fi data such as RSSI and SSID etc.,

SIGMA-PA Data Processing and Analysis Tool

  • Comprehensive set of KPIs for RF Performance on LTE-TDD, LTE-FDD, WCDMA, HSPA, HSPA+, GSM, GPRS.
  • Processes and Analyses measured data for Sigma drive test tools.
  • Window Application that captures, monitors and saves RF Log Data from UEs, scan receivers and GPS Devices.
  • Import and Replay of Log data in various standard formats like DLF, ISF, SIG, MSIG, S3L, CSV.
  • Display of data on various views and displays like charts, maps etc.,
  • Protocol Message and PCAP data Analysis.
  • Calculation and Aggregation of KPIs.

SIGMA-LA – Radio Measurement Tool

  • Tool for optimizing, monitoring and troubleshooting of mobile networks.
  • Up to 4 UEs, 2 scan-receivers and 1 GPS can be connected simultaneously.
  • Window Application captures, monitors and saves RF Log Data from UEs, scan receivers and GPS Devices.
  • Supports LTE, WCDMA, HSPA, HSPA+, GSM, GPRS.
  • Communicates automatically with the attached UE to collect Layer 1, 2 & 3 data from the chipset directly.
  • Displays collected data from Layer 1 to Layer 3, in real-time on various screens.

CENTRA-SD RAN Quality Monitoring System

  • Allows for remotely managing the UEs, collects data from the UEs and processes them for easy analysis on a map.
  • Schedules multiple tests (FTP/HTTP/Voice/ etc) to run on multiple test devices in the field in real time.
  • Explore KPI data through an interactive map interface.
  • Zooming up to 100m level for accurate location of issues.

WaveJudge 4900A

  • Over-the-Air monitoring of LTE and Wi-Max Protocols.
  • Troubleshooting functional and interoperability issues in LTE or Wi-Max.
  • Capturing the full over-the-air conversation of upper-layer messages, including RF signal characteristics, for off-line analysis.
  • Deep PHY layer analysis with full correlation to higher layers i.e. Decodes of MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC, NAS layers.
WaveJudge 4900A
  • Analysis of all LTE modulation formats and modulation sequences: BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, and Zadoff-Chu.
  • Supports for 400MHz to 6 GHz to cover multiple spectrum bands .
  • Channel BW up to 20 MHz.
  • Support two cells for handover testing.
  • Supports unlimited number of UEs.
  • Supports SISO & MIMO (Beam forming, Diversity, Handover testing).


  • Real-time analysis of protocol and PHY layer interactions.
  • Real-time PHY decode, maintain all L1-L4 features.
  • Triggering and Filtering in Real Time on lower and upper layer events, errors, messages and content.
  • Stream minutes, hours or days of L1 information and MAC data to external applications such as WaveJudge for deep OTA analysis, PC hard drive for correlation with other EPC analysis tools.
  • Analysis of control and user plane messages.
  • Decode and filter for multiple UEs.
  • Ciphering support for higher layers.

Empirix E-XMS Mobile and LTE Service Assurance Monitoring Solution

  • Complete, end-to-end monitoring of the entire network in one view
    • Voice, video, and data services
    • LTE, 3GPP, CDMA, IMS, SS7, VoIP, and more
    • Correlation of user, transport, and control planes
    • Links evolution, handovers, and interoperability across multiple environments
    • Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Quality of Experience (QoE)
    • Quality of Application (QoA)
    • Circuit and Packet Switched
Empirix E-XMS Mobile and LTE Service Assurance Monitoring Solution
  • Predictive analysis for detecting issues before they impact customers
  • Real-time dashboards and troubleshooting tools.
    • Drill down into micro-events
    • Intelligent database indexing and integrated event ladder visualization
    • Programmable alarms
    • SLA verification
    • User defined reports
  • Advanced framework requires simple software update to accommodate new technologies, protocols, and services as they are added to the network
  • Active monitoring options for testing overall network performance or specific interactions, applications, or services